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Kids in Preschool

About Us

Northmead Pre-School Kindergarten is an independent privately owned early learning centre in Northmead, offering tailored Pre-School programs focusing on childhood development and life long skills.

Our 20 place centre is focused on fostering your child’s unique strengths and providing quality educational programs that are specifically designed to cater to your child’s needs.

With excellent staff, fantastic learning programs and a safe and friendly environment, Northmead Pre-School is your child's right start to life.

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Our Philosophy

At Northmead Pre-School Kindergarten we offer an inclusive environment, which incorporates concern for all aspects of a child’s development; physical, emotional, social, intellectual and moral. We believe in acting as a support and extension to the child’s home life and we strive to provide positive experiences, which help to lay a solid foundation for future life. Each child and family will feel safe, happy and secure in our environment.
We believe a child’s experience of an educational institution should be a happy one. We seek to provide a safe, caring, stimulating environment, which meets developmental needs of each child and lays the groundwork for an easy transition to school life.
We aim to provide experiences, which foster self-esteem and develop a strong sense of trust, dignity and self-respect. We endeavour to help children to realise their potential, regardless of gender.
We recognise parents as the prime carers and educators of their child. Because of this, we aim to work closely with parents and build on the child’s home experiences. We encourage the interest and involvement of parents and strive to make them feel part of their child’s experiences at the centre.
We value the family and recognise that each child comes to us with different experiences and from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Culturally diverse backgrounds are acknowledged and reflected in our programs.
We recognise the significant importance of play in the life of a child and acknowledge play as an essential element in learning and as a means of enhancing children’s natural sense of wonder and fun.
We believe in the need for ongoing education for teachers, in order to provide quality care and education for young children. Experiences, which provide information, knowledge and research for teachers and staff, will be sought out on an on-going basis.

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